Public Channels

Public channels can be accessed and used by any user who joins the discord server.

LuxAlgo Public

👀 LuxAlgo Announcements

The announcements channel show announcements such as indicator updates, discounts, contests...etc

💰 Share Profits - Reviews

The share profits - reviews channel is used to share the profits made by users.

🏦 Trading Platforms

The trading platforms channel lists various trading platforms recommended by LuxAlgo.

🆓 Free Indicators

The free indicators channel shows all the free indicators posted by LuxAlgo on tradingview over time.

⭐About LuxAlgo

📈 Examples

The examples channel show various examples of the indicators at work.

❔ Questions

The questions channel provides information on frequently questions asked by the community.

Public Area

🗣 Public Chat

The public chat is where discord users can hang out, ask questions, and share chart examples.