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Price Action Concepts™ can alert users for multiple conditions relevant to the existing features in the toolkit. To learn more about how to set alerts in general see:

»Create Alerts On Tradingview

In order for an alert to work in the toolkit make sure the related feature is enabled

Any Alert() Function Call


Structures proceeded by I are internal structures

Users can create a single alert for multiple conditions using the any alert() function call alert condition. Conditions users want to be alerted for are grouped by the type of features they affect (structures, volumetric order blocks, imbalances...etc) and are located at the bottom of the toolkit settings.

Once conditions are toggled on users only need to set an alert using the any alert() function call as condition.


any alert() function call conditions make use of once per bar close by default.

Custom Alert Creator

Users wishing to construct more complex alerts using features within the toolkit and/or external indicators can use the Custom Alert Creator.

The custom alert creator allows alerting when various user set conditions are met or when a sequence of conditions is complete.


A user wishing to be alerted when any internal market structure occur within 1AM and 5AM of the symbol timezone could do it as follows:

A custom alert can be triggered as an any alert() function call if the setting is selected or as a regular alert when selected in the Tradingview alert creator menu.


Steps allows creating sequence of conditions, which when met trigger an alert. When a condition with a step equal to 1 is met the next condition associated with step 2 will be evaluated (if enabled) and so on for higher steps (if any).

Conditions with a same associated step will require for both condition to be true in order for the condition associated to a higher step (if any) to be evaluated. This allows certain conditions to act as filters.


A user wishing to be alerted when price enter a bullish imbalance after any internal bullish market structure could do it as follows:

Make sure internal market structures and imbalances are enabled.


Make sure steps are set such that they form a linear sequence. For example if the lowest step is 2 or if the set steps are only 1 and 3 an error will be returned.

OR Step Operator

The "OR" step operator can be used to get alerted for any additional condition using "OR" as step, in addition to other set custom alert conditions.

Conditions using the "OR" step can be highlighted using a different color, which can be set from the Custom Alert Creator settings.

Highlight Custom Alert Triggers

When a custom alert condition is set, a visual element is displayed at the bottom of the chart in order to more easily visualize when the custom alert conditions occurs (displayed by default).