Backtesting System™ Alerts

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Users can get alerted for any action executed by a strategy, from opening positions to closing them. The way alerts work is the same across all the Backtesting System™ scripts.

The message field in the Alert Messages setting section of each Backtesting System™ allows for the strategy to send a custom alert message depending on the action taken by the strategy, if no messages are set the strategy will send default messages.

In order for alerts to return custom user set messages the {{strategy.order.alert_message}} should be set on the message field of the Tradingview alert menu.

Backtesting System™ (PAC) does not have Exit Long/Short TP/SL alerts, instead only having Exit Long/Short

Alerts Placeholders

Users can use placeholders in the messages set from the Alert Messages setting section to return market data, take profit/stop losses values, chart ticker and timeframe…etc.

Current opening price
Current high price
Current low price
Current closing price
Current volume
Current unix time (in milliseconds)
Chart ticker (e.g: for BINANCE:BTCUSDT the ticker name is BTCUSDT)
Ticker prefix (e.g: for BINANCE:BTCUSDT the ticker prefix is BINANCE)
Chart timeframe
Take profit value
Stop loss value

New long entry generated at {time} and price {close} on {ticker}{timeframe} with take profit {tp} and stop loss {sl}