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TP/SL Points

The TP/SL Points feature displays 4 points (2 take profits in blue, and 2 stop losses in red), and aims to help the user set stop losses and take profits by estimating points of potential support/resistance. When the price significantly deviates from the take profits or stop losses, each point will update.

Each take-profit/stop-loss point is set depending on the position selected by the user in the TP/SL Points drop-down menu. Selecting Buy will display the take profits above the stop losses, while Sell would place the take profits under the stop losses. Selecting Off hide the points from the chart.

The second drop-down menu at the right determines the distance between each point and ranges from 1 to 10.


Make sure to adjust this setting according to the price variations you are trading. If you are trading large price variations, use a higher setting value.

Hovering on one of the TP/SL points will display its value so that you can precisely set a take profit or stop loss.