Oscillator Matrix™ is an all-in-one indicator that incorporates 6+ unique components designed for interoperability & confluence with one another to provide a powerful trend following & reversal detection experience.

Users can create various ways to utilize the indicator’s features together such as looking for excess money flowing into the market alongside strong reversal signals appearing, or getting real-time divergence signals alongside a lack of money flowing into the market to predict upcoming trends.

This indicator is described as an ‘Oscillator Matrix’ as it’s made up of many different components that can create a systematic approach to analyzing markets alone, however, the indicator also can serve as a great secondary piece to a user’s primary analysis with or without our other LuxAlgo Premium indicators.


Oscillator Matrix™ toolkit includes the following features:


Oscillator Matrix™ can alert the user for multiple conditions, learn more about the provided alert conditions/setups here: