The Discord Server

Joining The Discord

When you first join our server, you'll have the @everyone role designated to your account and won't be able to see anything besides our public channels. You can ask questions in the #public-chat channel, see our announcements, example charts, get helpful information regarding Lux Algo, and learn how to sign up and obtain the VIP role. If you haven't already joined, click here.‚Äč

Server Rules

  1. No harassment, racism, or hate speech of any kind.

  2. No self-promotion or sharing other trading groups/products of any kind, which includes outside affiliate links, courses, indicators, etc...

The VIP Role

When signing up to Lux Algo Premium - if you include your Discord username during the checkout process and have already joined the server, we grant your account access to the VIP role. The VIP Role gives you access to all of the hidden chats with our active users who are all sharing their trades, helping each other with analysis across every market, and/or just conversating with each other in #vip-hangout!

If you signed up on our website already and don't have the @VIP role to see our automated market scanners + chats after 8 hours wait time or you didn't provide your Discord username during checkout: Send an email to with your Order Number + Discord Username and we'll give you access ASAP! Our customer support team needs you to contact them via email so we can confirm your purchase and grant you access.

All the VIP channels functions are described here: