VIP Channels

VIP channels are only available to VIP users, that is users who purchased a LuxAlgo membership. VIP users have access to the following channels:

VIP Ressources

👀 VIP Announcements

The vip announcements channel shows announcements related to VIP memberships.

🔥VIP Trading Hub

👥 VIP Hangout

The vip hangout channel is used to discuss any topic, ask questions, and share trading ideas.

📈VIP Trades

The vip trade channel is used to share market analysis and ideas.


The pro callouts channel is where pro members share their analysis.

💻VIP Support

🙋‍♂️VIP Support

The vip support channel is where users can ask for support regarding LuxAlgo indicators or their membership. The staff will do their best to respond to any questions.

✍️VIP Suggestions

The vip suggestions channel is where users can suggest new features to implement.


Other channels consist of various bots, each one described on the following page: