Lux Algo Premium



  • More efficient institutional profile

  • Removed predictive trendlines

  • Minor changes


  • Hovering on the TP/SL labels will show the price they are set at

  • Changed double tops/bottoms detection condition


  • The pattern detection feature can now detect Head & Shoulders and Inverse Head & Shoulders patterns.

  • Reworked Auto Trendlines.

  • Minor Changes


  • New pattern detection feature.

  • Removed the Predictive Curves feature.

  • Fixed an issue causing the indicator overlay forecasts to not show properly on certain assets.


  • New Confirmation + Exits signal mode. Exits signals are displayed alongside confirmation signals. These are determined such that the user always exits in a profit and at the highest price possible.

  • Three new proprietary candlesticks methods, Kantan-Ashi, Taki-Ashi, and Yumi-Ashi, these unique methods allow for a noise-free visualization of price trends.

  • New Contrarians signal method, more robust against strong trends and more accurate.

  • New Exit alert.

  • Simplified dashboard.

  • Lightened settings menu, new Candle settings section, and more compact Any alert() settings section.

  • Removed Contrarian candle coloring.

  • Minor changes.



  • New Predictive Trendlines Feature in SR Mode

  • New Predictive Curves Feature in SR Mode

  • More normal signals will appear when using "Autopilot"

  • Added alerts for trend tracer/catcher for color change

  • Removed Institutional Pivots

  • Removed Spider Dashboard

  • Minor changes


  • Dashboard location set to "bottom-right" by default

  • Fixed support and resistances plot names


  • New dashboard

  • Forecasting for reversal zones and EQ Cloud

  • New trend tracer/trend catcher alerts

  • More compact settings in the Basic Settings section

  • Replaced TP/SL Levels by TP/SL points

  • Added Predictive Ranges (previously TP/SL Levels) in S/R Mode

  • Removed predictive S/R

  • Minor changes


  • New trend tracer overlay indicator

  • New trend catcher overlay indicator

  • Overlay indicator is now a section in the indicator settings


  • The Autopilot Confirmation Signal Settings method is now more robust to outliers and allows you to get fewer false signals while keeping an average lag of 0.


  • 'Dominant Cycle Based Confirmation Signals' has been renamed as 'Confirmation Signals Auto Pilot' and has been moved in 'Basic Settings'

  • Recommended sensitivity will now disappear from the dashboard when selecting 'Both' or 'None' signal modes

  • Fixed Predictive SR not showing when using an SR significance of 0

  • Changed row size of the institutional profile from 200 to 100 to avoid 'Loop is taking too long to execute error'

  • Minor changes


  • Fixed dashboard bug when enabling TP/SL features


  • Recommended sensitivity now supports Contrarian signals

  • Fixed Confirmation MTF when using 'Dominant Cycle Period Based Confirmation Signals'

  • Easier to interpret institutional activity and lux control on the dashboard

  • The institutional profile is now computed using 200 rows

  • Minor changes


  • Added back the auto-confirmation signal setting as "Dominant Cycle Based Confirmation Signals", the setting is in the advanced settings section of the indicator inputs menu.


  • Added recommended confirmation sensitivity setting in the dashboard

  • New Spider dashboard

  • New institutional profile

  • New 'Dashboard Configuration' setting section

  • New settings for the 'Spider" dashboard

  • Removed volume profile

  • Removed auto-confirmation signal settings

  • Minor changes


  • New design for the input settings window.

  • Added tooltips to the input settings window.

  • New Institutional Pivots feature in S/R method.


  • New design for the input settings window, settings are grouped into sections.

  • Improved contrarian signals

  • Predictive ranges are renamed TP/SL Levels Feature

  • New auto-confirmation signal settings setting

  • New predictive channels feature

  • New directional matrix mode : Confirmation Signal MTF

  • New dashboard feature : Market Control

  • New strong contrarians

  • Reduced number of lines in the predictive S/R from 5 to 3

  • Removed estimated liquidity level

  • Removed control control color mode

  • Lux Volume profile moved to Support/Resistance Mode

  • Minor Changes


  • Fixed bug in "Normal Sell Turn Strong" alert

  • Added timeframe in the messages returned by "any alert() function call"


  • Corrected typo in the message displayed by the all in one Strong Sell message


  • New all in one alert setup system

  • Removed indicator version from the dashboard

  • Added back the dashboard location setting

  • Removed 'Only Use Real Closing Prices' setting

  • Removed Confirmation and Contrarian all in one alert condition

  • Minor changes


  • Corrected Only Use real Closing Prices bug


  • New "Lux Volume Profile" feature

  • Added "Confirmation Gradient" candle color mode

  • Increased gradient resolution for the "contrarian" and "control" candle color modes

  • More practical dashboard location

  • Removed "dashboard location" setting

  • Minor changes


  • Made the script less prone to alerts bugs

  • New "Only Use Real Closing Prices" setting

  • Replaced dashed lines in the dashboard with solid lines

  • Renamed reversal zones plots to fit in a drop-down menu

  • New S/R significance default value

  • Minor changes


Added the following alert conditions:

  • Any Confirmation Buy

  • Any Confirmation Sell

  • Normal Buy Turn Strong

  • Normal Sell Turn Strong


  • Added the new "Predictive Range" Support/Resistance method

  • Renamed "Predictive" S/R method as "Predictive S/R"

  • Fixed "loop is taking too long to execute error"

  • Removed "Both" method in the Support/Resistance method

  • Performances improvements

  • Minor changes


  • Improved confirmation/contrarian signal generation algorithms

  • New default setting for sensitivity and agility

  • Removed linear regression channel

  • Added "Both" option for "Support/Resistance Method"

  • Added "Force Run On Spread Charts" setting

  • Minor changes



  • Added new contrarian signal mode

  • Added alerts based on contrarian signals

  • Added "all in one" alerts for both confirmation and contrarian signals

  • Reworking of the inputs layout in the settings panel

  • Removed smoothing setting (now fixed to 20 in the code)

  • Added contrarian and control candle coloring modes

  • Added "Both" mode in Indicator overlay Gradient for the EQ Cloud (previously known as equalizer bands)

  • Added an estimated liquidity level measurement to the dashboard

  • Added a trading session detection to the dashboard

  • Improved predictive S/R algorithm

  • Fixed error "loop is taking too long to execute…"

  • Performances improvements

  • Removed "trade setup" Removed gray candles

  • Removed OSC50 and current volume from the dashboard

  • Minor changes


Added Predictive Support/Resistance - we've upgraded our S/R levels feature to now be predictive and plot in real-time.

We now have Bands Mode via the input settings which categorizes our Equalizer Bands with our new Reversal Zones You can see them in the image below and learn more about Bands Mode:

This update also includes major efficiency upgrades to our code which will reduce load times & error messages. "Use Heikin Ashi As Source" no longer locks sensitivity nor affects signals when HA candles are enabled, our Linear Regression has an efficiency & styling update, and Lux Market Control utilizes a new algorithm to detect the power of bulls vs bears as a percentage.


Lux Dashboard now has a new feature called Lux Market Control which measures the strength of the bulls/bears from 0-100%.

Added a Trade Setup toggle option which displays our suggested stop-loss and two suggested Take Profit levels to help give you ideas when entering trades (not to be followed blindly)

Added functionality to adjust the suggested stop-loss with our new SL ATR Multiplier setting

Included R:R ratio setting for adjusting your TP zones to adjust your risk-reward ratio for entries

We also added Full multi-timeframe capabilities for signals and all toggle options which includes multi-timeframe auto-trend lines! Lastly, we changed the name of Candles Optimization to "Use HA Source [Sensitivity Locked] to better display the function as it's meant for smoothing data on normal candlesticks only (while Heikin Ashi is disabled only).


Added the option to alert for "Any Buy" and "Any Sell" along with an option to change the position of the Lux Dashboard on your charts. You can now position your dashboard to the top right, bottom right, top left, bottom left, or normal right.


Auto Trend Lines - By activating this setting, Lux will automatically find and plot-relevant trend lines based on significant pivot points in any market. By zooming out and viewing more data on the chart, more trend lines will appear.

This is a useful tool for finding perspectives and significant areas of support or resistance you may not have been able to see without our algorithm.

Our Linear Regression line appears as a yellow dotted forecasting line that best fits the previous x data points. This gives the user a small insight into the possible average movements for the asset in the future.

We take the current linear regression line and forecast it into the future. This is directly enabled on any chart as a toggle option within our Lux Algo V2 script in TradingView.


The following settings have been added:

Sensitivity - can be adjusted for reducing noise and decreasing or increasing the amount of signals per your chart. The higher the sensitivity the fewer signals appear. Best to adjust this first.

Agility - allows our algorithm to react more responsively to price movements - behaving like a subset of sensitivity. Best to adjust once Sensitivity is optimized.

Smoothing - increases/decreases the significance of more recent data so the newer candles will have more impact on the signals than older candles. Best to adjust once Sensitivity & Agility are optimized.

Default & suggested settings for Every Market = (4.25, 1.96, 20) - These settings have been decided by our team as the closest to a one-size fits all for every market but it is smart to adjust settings accordingly how you find them performing the best for your own trading style.

We've also adjusted our Suggested Stop-loss calculation to Lux Dashboard provide more reliable stop-losses.


Added Lux Dashboard - which appears next to the current price and displays the current signal, volume, trend, volatility, and a suggested stop-loss that changes as the market moves. (Trailing Stop-Loss) Lux Dashboard gives our users easy access to important data which allows them to immediately look for confluence across different aspects of our trading system.

Added Lux Volatility - Lux Volatility measures the volatility levels of any given market from 0-100%. It's useful for spotting low volatility zones where it's likely smart to avoid trading or trusting a trend to occur.

Alongside our Lux Algo V2 signals, LV provides great confluence for when to fully trust an impulse move to occur as well as spotting extremes in the market where impulse moves are likely to end.

When volatility holds cleanly between the two zones 25% and 75% it is a good sign the trend has more room left to go and the move isn't finished just quite yet.


included another toggle option called 'Candles Optimization' which allows users to optimize their signals better for when using standard candlesticks over Heikin Ashi in most markets.


We added an alert called "ALERT ANY" which saves users the headache of managing different alerts for buy/sell.

Also included another toggle option that automatically labels support & resistance levels on any chart based on the 15 period highs / lows.


  • Changed the smoothing factor for detecting strong signals which helps with avoiding false strong signals.

  • Removed "Positive / Negative cross" tags in order to remove clutter and put more focus on the candle coloring.

  • Added alert options for when normal signals turn strong based on candle coloring.

  • Added a toggle option for our "Equalizer Band" which is an option to display a 'twisting channel' inspired by Ichimoku for our users to trade with extra confirmation, avoid false signals, and have a better understanding of the market whether trending or ranging. When price holds above the band, market is considered bullish and strong buy signals are able to activate. When price holds below the band, market is considered bearish and strong sell signals are able to activate.

  • Added a toggle option for "Gray Candles" to label when price is within the Equalizer Band which marks a period of indecision. Removed "Period" and "Noise Filter Value" from input settings.


Years of trading experience has provided us with the 2 things traders struggle with the most: taking profit and holding onto winning positions. What separates Lux from other tools is that it puts a lot of emphasis on the act of taking profit and having patience while waiting for a trigger to enter a position.

The idea is to create a system of custom tools all within one indicator which can provide traders of any experience level access to the most relevant data simplified in one place.

The main features of Lux Algo V2 are standard buy + sell signals, additional strong signals, and candlestick coloring. All of these features are designed to be used together as a complete trading system.

Lux identifies trends and areas to "get flat" or take profit through range breakouts and multiple indicators working with each other back and forth. Strong signals (Green or Red "Strong" tags) appear when either standard signals have turned strong, or when a new trend signal has triggered from purple candles changing into green or red candles.

When candles turn purple, it's meant to signal taking profit, waiting for the next signal, or exercising caution in your current position if a strong signal was last triggered.

Trend identifying strategies typically run into issues with false signals when markets are ranging. To avoid this as best as possible, our purple candles indicate when a strong signal may not be heading in the right direction; which is what we mean by exercising caution.

The only signals that directly indicate a trigger for entering long or short are strong signals. All standard buy and sell signals activate purple candles.

Normal Buy/Sell signals can be taken seriously as long / short positions based on your own analysis. We are building additional tools to help you identify when to take normal signals more seriously.


Non-released indicator with a main focus on signals primarily used to identify breakouts and for directional confirmation. Developed and used by the Lux Algo Team.