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LuxAlgo Premium Price Action Concepts



  • Added the option to show internal high/low points
  • MTF scanner can now returns break of structures
  • Added alert for price closing within an order block
  • Alerts set using "any alert() function calls" will return the ticker and timeframe at the start of the message
  • Alerts messages for order blocks will return the order block range
  • Added the ability to plot Premium/Equilibirium/Discount zones
  • Fixed an issue not trigerring EQH/EQL when using "any alert() function calls" alerts
  • Minor changes


  • Added the option to hide overlapping order blocks
  • Added a setting allowing to change text size within order blocks
  • Alerts now support CHoCH+
  • Fixed an issue causing an error to be displayed when enabling previous highs/lows on low timeframes
  • Fixed an issue hiding liquidity grabs alerts
  • Fixed an issue causing the CHoCH MTF scanner to return wrong CHoCH's
  • Metrics will return no indication when no volume data is available instead of NaN's
  • Minor changes


  • Automatic real time market swing & internal structure detection (CHoCH / BOS)
  • Automatic order blocks construction with internal activity
  • Various imbalances methods are now available
  • Various patterns detections methods are now supported alongside classical chart patterns
  • New trendlines algorithm
  • Automatic accumulation/distribution zones detection