Lux Algo Premium

Features - Main Settings - Adjusting Settings - Style Settings


Lux Algo Premium is the main indicator provided by Lux Algo, which aims to return a maximum amount of useful information to the user to make better decisions while trading. Below are the pages describing each of the features in the main indicator:

Main Settings

Lux Algo Premium has various settings affecting the appearance and behavior of the indicator, most of them are proper to the feature they affect and will be described on their corresponding pages. The indicator contains various settings sections, the basic settings are described in the following sections.

Signal Mode

Controls the type of signal generation algorithm to use, available options include:

  • Confirmation

  • Contrarian

  • Both

  • None

More information on the following page:

Signal Settings

Methods to adjust the signals returned by the Confirmation & Contrarian methods within the Lux Algo Premium indicator. See the following page for more information:

Candle Color Mode

Allows the user to change the color of the candles/bars of candlestick or bar chart based on various algorithms, available options include:

  • Confirmation Simple

  • Confirmation Gradient

  • Contrarian

  • None

More information on the following page:

Adjusting Settings

To adjust settings, place your mouse pointer over the indicator title, you will see a list of icons appears, click on the gear ⚙️ icon to open the settings panel of the indicator.

You can also open the settings panel by double-clicking any element displayed by the indicator, such as the signals, overlaid indicators, or the dashboard.

Style Settings

It is possible to change the visual aspect of any element displayed by the indicator such as colors, line width, signal label shape/location...etc. In order to do it open the setting panel and click on style beside inputs.