Indicator Overlay

EQ Cloud - Reversal Zones - Both

Lux Algo V3 allows the user to display two different indicators on the price chart via the indicator settings in the "Indicator Overlay" dropdown menu. Options include the "Reversal Zones" and "EQ Cloud", as well as a "Both" option to display both indicators together.

Sensitivity and agility do not affect these indicators.

EQ Cloud

When enabled, a simple "cloud" like indicator will be displayed on your chart. The EQ Cloud is similar in effect to an Ichimoku Cloud, and can determine the current trend as well as behave like a trailing support and resistance.

The cloud is filled with a gradient color showing the current trend relative to the cloud.

If you want to set alerts based on the EQ Cloud, note that during an uptrend the upper plot of the EQ Cloud is named as "Cloud-1", while the lower plot is named "Cloud-2".

Reversal Zones

When enabled, one upper and one lower zone will be displayed on your chart, each zone is designed to help the user find tops and bottoms whether market is ranging or trending (however the indicator will still be more effective during ranging markets).

These zones can be great areas to take profit or find early entries to use alongside the confirmation or contrarian signals.

During periods of increased volatility, the price may move outside the zones, you can wait for the price to go back within each zone to take a decision.


Enabling "Both" allows the user to display both indicators at the same time.