Lux Volume Profile

Lux Algo Premium includes a volume profile that indicates the volume accumulation over certain price ranges.

Volume analysis can be extremely important for traders, which is why the LuxAlgo premium indicator includes a volume profile that indicates the accumulated volume over several price ranges in a period of 500 bars.

Make sure the symbol you are applying the indicator to has volume data and contains at least 500 bars.

You can enable the Lux volume profile from the indicator settings (off by default).

A standard volume profile makes use of tick data, as such the Lux volume profile is only an estimate of an actual volume profile.

Reading The Lux Volume Profile

The Lux volume profile is calculated over 500 bars and makes use of 25 price ranges represented by 24 lines. Each line represents the range between that line and the one above her.

A gradient is used to color each volume profile bar, with lighter colors used for the bars with the highest accumulated volume.

Point Of Control Line (POC)

The point of control line in the Lux volume profile returns an estimate of the price level with the highest accumulated volume. This line is highlighted by a dotted line.

You can show the Lux volume profile without a control line by selecting On (No Poc) in the Lux Volume Profile dropdown menu.

Note that visual artifices such as lines having a different starting position or multiple lines showing up might occur in very low timeframes for a brief moment.