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Lux Algo SR & Patterns Premium

The Lux Algo SR & Patterns Premium is a toolkit including a wide variety of tools providing support and resistances with the price, including levels, trendlines, curved SR, projections, and even pattern detection.


ยปSmart Money ConceptsยปPattern DetectionยปPredictive SRยปTrendlinesยปProjection


The settings of the toolkit are grouped by the respective methods they affect.

Each group is composed of a first drop-down menu allowing the users to display different styles of the general method they belong to. This drop-down also control wether an SR method is displayed or not. By default the Pattern Detection and Projection method are displayed.

A second drop-down menu controlling what is reffered as the "SR Significance" controls wether an SR method would return shorter term or longer term support and resistances, with higher values returning longer term support and resistances.

Dashboard Settingsโ€‹

When the pattern detection method is enabled, a dashboard will be displayed on the chart, it can be located on the top-right of the chart by default.

The dashboard settings allows controlling the location as well as size of this dashboard.

The dashboard can be disabled by selecting "None" in the "Dashboard Location" drop-down menu.