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Lux Statistics Premium

The Lux Statistics Premium is a toolkit including three indicators that aim to support your analysis. Each indicator comes with forecasting which allows users to anticipate potential information and adjust their analysis accordingly.


ยปPivot OscillatorยปLux VolatilityยปInstitutional ActivityยปForecast

Basic Settingsโ€‹


The Statistic drop-down menu determines which indicator to display, the options include:

  • Pivot Oscillator
  • Volatility
  • Institutional Activity


Determines the number of the most recent closing prices processed by each metric. Use higher values of this setting to get information about longer-term trends.


Determines the method used to smooth the displayed indicator, options include:

  • SMA (Simple moving average)
  • TMA (Triangular moving average)
  • Hull (Hull moving average)
  • Lux (Lux adaptive smoothing method)
  • None

Selecting None will return the metric with no smoothing applied to it.

The number at the right side of this setting determines the degree of smoothness applied to the selected metric. The smoothing method does not affect the Pivot Oscillator.


Show Forecastโ€‹

Determines whether to display the forecast or not.

The color at the side determines the color of the forecast when Line is selected in Display Mode.


Determines the number of values to forecast in the future.


Display Methodโ€‹

The method used to display each indicator, options include:

  • Area
  • Line

Area will return an area plot with a color determines by a gradient, using Line will return a simple line plot with a color determined by the color selected in the color setting at the right of Display method.


Determines the gradient colors used when the Area display method is selected. The color at the left is used for lower values of the displayed metric, while colors at the right are used for higher values of the displayed metric.