Money Flow and liquidity are core concepts with the Oscillator Matrix™. Various elements centered around this concept are provided to detect longer term trends, assess market participants behaviours, and detect reversals.

The Money Flow and every associated components (overflow, thresholds) can be disabled by toggling off “Show Money Flow”

Money Flow

The toolkit include one money flow indicator that aims to detect trends based on market participants activity.

Compared to the Hyper Wave the Money Flow oscillator can return longer term indications and be used to support shorter term indications.


Overflow occurs when excessive liquidity relative to a trend length enters the market, this can highlight late trend following participants entering the market, and can announce potential reversals.

Money Flow Thresholds

Users can gauge market activity by using the provided Money Flow thresholds, two extremities displayed above/under the central 50 levels.

When the Money Flow oscillator is above the upper threshold there is significant one-sided bullish activity on the market. When the Money Flow oscillator is under the lower threshold there is significant one-sided bearish activity on the market.

Money flow fluctuating within the thresholds can highlight a more balanced market.